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Industrial Cleaning

Reliable industrial cleaning in Melbourne


Action Cleaning Group’s industrial cleaning arm is based in Port Melbourne, and offers cleaning to industries throughout Melbourne. With specialist equipment and staff, Action Cleaning Group provides the industrial sector with a unique and professional cleaning service.

We currently service many clients in the petroleum industry, car manufacturing industry, food manufacturing, transport and logistic industry, wool industry, building and construction industry, and many more. We understand shut down periods and cleaning timetables are critical in any operation. That is why we access workloads and provide efficient equipment and appropriate labour to complete our tasks on time, adhering to all OH&S and safety measures. Action Cleaning Group is familiar with JSA’s and will always comply with all environmental constraints.

Call us today for professional industrial cleaning services throughout Melbourne.

Floor scrubbing and sweeping


No matter how big your warehouse, Action Cleaning Group has the solution for your floor scrubbing and sweeping requirements. Using the latest technologies, Action Cleaning Group can provide scrubbers and sweepers for areas of 200 metres square to 20,000 metres square.In an effort to help our environment, our scrubbers conserve water – unlike high pressure washing – and appropriately discharge the waste as per EPA guidelines. We can also provide quotations for epoxy coatings to concrete floors using Dulux Durebuild STE.Contact Action Cleaning Group today to have our free video sent to you outlining our scrubbing and sweeping services.

Services We Offer

Pressure washing


Action Cleaning Group considers itself as the experts when it comes to pressure washing. We can advise you on what process is required for any surface you may have. We use and recommend Karacher pressure washers. Our fleet of pressure washers range from electric hot water, to cold water petrol and trailer mounted diesel / petrol (3000psi @ 140’C hot water).Our experience in the pressure washing field is vast. We can assist you with any queries you may have. Our service also provides pressure washing with recycled water and grey water tanks to take the waste away. We have the resources to collect, store and pump all water to any point you wish to discharge. Call our pressure washing experts today!

External building washing


Whether you have a new modern building with a variety of cladding finishes, or a large Colorbond cladding warehouse or a Victorian terrace, make sure you speak to Action Cleaning Group to get the job done right. We can get to all heights and have the correct equipment and staff to provide you with a high quality finish for your building. Action Cleaning Group is experienced in cleaning various exterior building facades throughout the Melbourne CDB and industrial parks. Speak to one of our qualified personnel today for details.

Commercial kitchen cleaning


Action Cleaning Group has specialised in kitchen cleaning for over 10 years. All our cleaning procedures have been adapted to HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) guidelines and all chemicals used are specifically designed for food preparation areas. We provide regular cleaning maintenance contracts to many facilities and also provide one off deep cleaning service to all kitchens. We provide steam cleaning, oven cleaning, canopy and filter cleaning, floor pressure washing, and can clean all cooking equipment.We can also help you during or after a health inspection report has been conducted on your premises. Action Cleaning Group is familiar with many of the local council requirements so we can help you prepare your new kitchen or clean the kitchen you have just moved into to meet standard requirements. If you require assistance with any commercial or industrial cleaning situation, contact us and we will come to you.